The power of positive affirmations

Healing through affirmations

recently I have been quite unwell & I have felt incredibly weak & in excruciating pain.   At first I thought it was a fibromyalgia flare – something that regularly happens with fibromyalgia sufferers, yet nothing seemed to help it on it’s way.   I had tried resting,  working through it,  ignoring it,  dosing myself up on medication & on herbal supplements,  getting crabby with myself & my cat,  burying my head in the sand  until eventually  I began to despair!

As a Reiki Master I am usually able to bring my pain under some form of control, but I had got so desperate to relieve my pain that I had even stopped trusting myself.

At that point I realised that I needed to face the situation squarely & not procrastinate – actually DO SOMETHING! But what?

My most reliable advisor is the voice that comes to me during meditation,  so surely it was time to actually ASK for help & guidance.  After all, what was stopping me except pride?  I had felt so well for so long that I didn’t want to accept that I was not  on top of things. My social life was really suffering & I had been cancelling all kinds of commitments, which in turn made me feel really unhappy.  It had become a horrible vicious cycle.

Deep inside I knew that I had the ability to do something about it all, after all we all have the power to make changes to our situations, the challenge is actually trusting ourselves enough to do it!  So I knew that I needed to practice what I preach.           I finally found the humility to ask for guidance, not for healing as such, just the key to how I should tackle my problems.  I prayed , not in the formal head bowed, bended  knees type of praying, but in a quiet, personal conversation with my chosen Deity. It really shouldn’t make any difference what religion you follow, the important thing is your relationship with your Higher Power. ( I have chosen not to discuss my beliefs in detail on here because I want people to judge me on my words & ideas, not on my religious path)

Almost as soon as I began to ask for guidance, I knew that I knew the answer. I continued to pray & did a little meditation, then suddenly it all became so blindingly obvious!!!                        I had half heartedly tried to convince myself that I was feeling better & wondered why it hadn’t been very effective. My Father used to describe this as being positive with a doubt!  Incredibly accurate assessment.   At this blinding light of revelation, I jumped up ( yes, literally jumped, I normally have to haul myself up!)   And to the astonishment of my little cat, I dashed to my living room, to write down what I knew I must do.

I wrote, not one but 7 copies of an affirmation, which I then stuck to various points in my flat.  With each copy that I wrote, I repeated the affirmation many times, this serves a couple of purposes. Writing it , rather than printing it out helps to fix the words in the brain, it also helps to make sure that the affirmation ‘flows’.  If it doesn’t flow easily, it is less likely to feel believable & therefore achieveable.

For a couple of days, every time I saw one of the reminders, I’d repeat the affirmation several times & could feel the belief growing stronger. After the first day I was feeling a lot better, By the second, I could feel myself growing stronger, happier & healhier.  Now, several days on, the reminders are still on my walls, I could have removed them, especially as I knew the affirmation word for word, but I need to keep reminding myself!

The guidance that I’d received had helped me realise that it wasn’t just pain relief that I needed.  I need to understand that I had brought much of my pain on myself, through pride, through believing that I knew better than my body. I had been forced to observe humility as a form of penance.

We must never stop learning & relearning. We are mere mortals, not super beings.

We are here to do our best with what we have, no amount of medication can take the pain away permanently if our belief is that we are still unwell.  That is why it’s so important to repeat the affirmations in a clear, concise way, seeing the outcome as having already come to fruition. Doubting the outcome would make the whole activity pointless!

I am so much better now, although I know that I still have work to do on my bodily self improvement, as well as working on my spiritual side.  If I just said thanks & got back to normal, what would I have learnt?  So I am still taking things a bit easy, even though it means missing out on a few things.  Because I have learnt a valuable lesson, I hope not to repeat my mistakes, but who knows?   But my intent is unshakeable.  I still repeat the affirmations although not as often now. I have written it in my affirmations book that I carry everywhere I go.   This has certainly helped me through a very difficult time. Hopefully you may find something that will encourage you to try it too.                   I am filled with gratitude & always will be. This relatively simple technique has helped me through a lot of difficult situations, I feel very honoured & blessed to be able to do it. It is a wonderful feeling, knowing that I have been able to play a part in helping myself.


Affirmations can be used for many purposes. They work particularly well with gaining confidence, courage, strength, willpower etc. There are many ways to practice them, I am not saying that my way is the best, it is however, as my blog site title says – it’s as I see it.    I do urge you to try using affirmations, feel free to research, or even better, find your own  way.  The important thing is that if you give out a positive statement repeatedly, it will send that message out into the Universe, helping it to manifest.

Good luck, love & blessings

Rosie ximage




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