About Rosieways.com

I began writing on this site a couple of years ago. I was a pensioner in my 60s hoping to reach out to those in need & share my happiness. Since then things have changed significantly & my life has gone from strength to strength.
From those tentative early blogs I have discovered a side to me that I didn’t know existed.
I knew that I had inner strength. I’d needed it to cope with a stressful life. I’d been agoraphobic for nearly 17 years, during which time I suffered a small stroke which left me with slight brain damage, eyesight problems and disabling fibromyalgia. This was made worse by being married to a non functioning alcoholic. With my family in tatters, my life fell apart until at the age of 60 I finally took control. I divorced, moved area & began again with no support.
Those times were tough but taught me resilience.
I discovered that far from being useless, I was actually very capable at a great many things.
I began to find out who I actually was – Me, not wife, Mum, Sister or grandmother – I was a person in my own right.
It was uplifting and liberating and I admit to loving every single moment of my new found independence.

Since those early discoveries I have found another side to my character. I am adventurous, strong and passionate about peoples’ rights.

I have become a member of the Lions’ club International ( a service organisation that aims to give aid wherever it might be needed.)

I am training to be a Tai Chi for health tutor, trained as a flexercise leader, helped at a memory clinic and now work part time as a volunteer in a charity shop. Many other opportunities have come and gone as my physical health isn’t as good as I would wish, I found that by pushing myself too far I did more harm than help. However whenever one door closes, another opens. It is truly remarkable!

Writing is now a passion and I lead a free writing group in my local area which is well received. I am working on several writing projects & hope to get something published soon.

My latest addition to my portfolio being as a motivational speaker & soon to be branching out to give workshops on physical & mental wellbeing including confidence building.

I can safely say that the dark days are well and truly behind me.

Life is only as good as you make it – and I intend to lead mine to it’s full extent.
Please read on, if you wish to contact me please use the contact form. I’d love to have your feedback too.
Follow my site if you enjoy what I have to say. Share it with your friends.
Let’s spread joy and positivity around the world. It’s free & yours for the taking.


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