Patience & a twinge of doubt

I have recently set up as a motivational coach. I am positive that it is the right thing for me to do, I’m sure that all the rubbish that I have been through during my life has to have been for a reason.

It was quite a difficult step to take, there are a lot of expenses involved in setting up a business but I had no savings! I scrimped every penny that I could find, sold a lot of belongings ( good for letting go!) and eventually was able to put down a couple of months rental on a lovely, bright office, with room for a couple of comfortable chairs, workspace & enough room to erect my massage table if a reiki treatment is required. Insurance was a large expense too, but absolutely vital. Next was the question of business cards & advertising – no problem thinks me!   Hmm, wrong!    A very carefully worded flyer turned out to be far too small print & much too overcrowded, so further expense needed to buy another batch. Even my business cards need correcting, as without thinking I changed the name of my business, but I intend to place a sticker with the correct address on each & every one. Yes it will be a little unprofessional, but if the business is right ( which I am sure it is) then potential clients will have to accept that I am not perfect!  It would be so easy just to order more, to hell with the cost ( isn’t that what credit cards are for?) but I am staying strong & making do. How can I advice others if I don’t practice what I preach?

The biggest lesson for me has been needing patience, patience, patience. I want to be successful -NOW!  Not the way to get the Universe on side.  Each time I think that I am ready, something else crops up. Add to that the little matter of ill health which rears it’s ugly head when I push my body too far & I have been made to reflect on the wisdom of rushing  headlong into such a commitment. However the answer is the same, I need to do this. If I procrastinate I’ll never do it, so headlong was the only way for me.

Next was a very difficult decision to make – my income is very low, only a basic pension, so I get help with things like my council tax & dental costs, dare I risk losing that extra income?  There really was no question, I don’t believe that I could succeed if my life was based on a lie. 


I have asked the Universe for guidance & have total trust in the answers that I have been given. If everything was easy it wouldn’t really be worth doing. So I notified the authorities of my intentions & have been relieved to find that they will check my profit & losses once or twice a year & adjust any help according to the results.  I am not aiming at making a fortune, nice if it happened but not vital. I want to do this because I have a burning desire to help others. As long as I can pay my way, I’ll be content.

So many lessons have come out of this period, some obvious, some totally unexpected but I haven’t had any real wobble or sense of doubt. I was brought up not to be too pleased with myself, but there is a little sense of quiet pride, that is rubbing shoulders with the humility that I am trying to cultivate.

Life seems so full of contradictions & complications, yet I am happily going with the flow.  I have a wonderful voluntary job working with people with memory loss , I have also set up a regular support group for those in need of it, in a local coffee shop. I have had to make many sacrifices, not least my swimming pass. I have had to keep out of charity shops, except for donating. But in the grand scheme of things, surely these are a small price to pay?

When I finish helping my first paying client & am able to see that I have made a positive difference, I really will feel wealthy & blessed

I wish you all peace, love & contentment

Rosie X 



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