What a lesson!

my goodness I have just been taught a lesson in patience!

I have just spent quite a long time writing my first blog in three months. It was quite long, detailed & certainly from the heart. I was dubious whether it was right to publish it as it was almost too self gratifying ( not intentional) thinking about it, it made me sound a bit like Mother Teresa!!  Feeling fairly satisfied with my efforts, I hit save draft – except that I obviously hit delete instead!!!

Not that long ago I would have been furious with myself for my stupidity. Not now. Of course I’m annoyed that I lost it all, but that’s it!  It really wasn’t that important. My actions need to be my measure, not what I tell the world.  If the story needs to be told, it will somehow, or sometime, otherwise I will use the lesson in humility to get an early night in bed, I need that far more than the glory of some praise.

Thankyou for reading this unexpected mini blog. 

Rosie x



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