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Thoughts originally penned as ‘A tangled Life’

I’ve come across a poem I wrote several years ago, although after a serious edit, it bares little resemblance to the original. I thought I’d share it with you:

Self doubt and insecurity can spark a search for truth,                                                                             Acceptance is much simpler although rarely found in youth.

Why need I aim, so fruitlessly, to become the person of my mind?                                                            Haven’t I accomplished all I need? I’m compassionate and kind.

Our thoughts and dreams belong to us, all else is just on loan.                                                                     Our fates are with the Universe, this earth is just our home.

To accept our placement graciously and embrace our role in life                                                               Would negate the need for misery, resentment, sadness, strife.

My path in life, was no mistake, it was where I was meant to be.                                                                  The only role that I needed to play, was that of being me.

So I’ll no longer strive to find myself, for the truth is crystal clear,                                                               I’ve been searching for something I already had, I have a life that I hold dear.

Rosina Thomas 4/02/2021


Shakespeare I’ve never professed to be, however, I love writing simple tomes. They appear at the oddest times & are penned in the strangest of places, usually unearthed (and edited) months, or years later ( as is the case.) 

Many people are put off attempting poetry or prose, fearful of the correctness brigade.

Don’t be! Sometimes writing in rhyme can help make sense, especially at a time when the mind is a whirl of confusion.

Simplicity. That’s the key to so many wonderful things

Rosie x



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