Taking personal responsibility.

I thought it might be good to share this again

talking about mental health

imageIt can be so easy to allow mental health illness become an excuse for every problem in our lives. I am speaking from personal experience, as well as knowledge from conversations with many friends who have been, or still are in the mental health system.

It would seem that irrespective of the type of mental health problem, due to it’s devastating effects on our lives & confidence, we tend to find something to blame. This is entirely understandable!  I for one have made some dreadful faux pas , many of which I don’t particularly like to admit to. I made a hash of so much, hurt so many people & messed up an awful lot of challenges, mainly, I now believe because I couldn’t cope with what was going on in my head.  Living my life with constant anxiety & depression, even in childhood, was extremely distressing. I was a…

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