Finding time to find yourself

once again today someone told me that they are always too busy to find time for themselves. This person is struggling and admits that she would like to meditate or learn to relax more but she can’t because she hasn’t got the time.      Like so many people, I can relate to this.     For so long I was so wrapped up in being busy, being stressed & uptight – ‘how could I possibly manage to squeeze in time for a luxury like relaxation? ‘  In reality the question should have been ‘how can I not find time?’   Relaxation isn’t a luxury, it’s vital to maintain a healthy, happy life!   Rushing around, filling in every spare moment just isn’t healthy!   Sooner or later the body (and mind) will rebel, often by going through some form of breakdown.

We all live such busy lives nowadays,   We hold down jobs,  sometimes more than one,    raise a family,  often struggle with debts,  mortgages & similar, often with little or no family support.        We may  get ourselves stressed  trying to afford a holiday to enable us to relax, but surely there is a much simpler way?

The good news is that there is,   The bad news is that the solution is something that only you can do!

It may sound a bit unlikely but by learning to slow down & do less you will normally find that you have more spare time!   Most of us will know the story of the tortoise & the hare – the slower animal wins the race, he doesn’t dash around, he simply plods along at a steady pace until he reaches the finish line.     Life is like that too


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