Motivational Speaking in Somerset

I am now available to give talks and presentations to clubs, groups and societies in and around the Mendip area of Somerset.

My talks are tailored to the needs of the group in question, so no two presentations are the same.

I actively encourage audience participation and aim to bring a light hearted and fun atmosphere to very serious subjects.

I use very little in the way of props and rarely use power point, preferring to rely on personal communication with my audience.

Topics that I cover are :

Confidence building for the terrified.

Living with mental health difficulties.

How ‘de- cluttering’ can enhance your life.

You are your own obstacle to success.

Living and coping with constant pain.

Meditation & Mindfullness.

Journaling for health & happiness.

Create your own happiness.

Affirmations & their use in your daily life.

Go for it!

Fight the fear factor

Are you a victim?

Tai Chi / Gentle exercise – the wonder treatment.

How food can effect your life and moods.

The effect of colour in your life.


I am available for day or evening meetings.

Venues outside the Mendip area will be considered but will attract a mileage cost.

My rates begin at only £15
for a very small or charitable group.

Normal rates are £30 for approx 1+ hour presentation  (this can vary dependant on group size & time of day)

Please contact me for further details


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